- Practical Deep Learning for Coders

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Plain and simple, the best deep learning course on the Internet. Jeremy Howard has found a way to make State Of The Art (SOTA) deep learning accessible. If you want to truly understand how convolutional neural networks and recommendation engines work, take this course. He provides the best explanations I’ve found on both subjects. Before this, I wasn’t a Pytorch user. Now there’s no reason not to be one.


Every lesson is jampacked with information I wanted to know. From beginning to end, I was hooked. Can’t say that for many courses. Pytorch is a great framework and the way he mixes up high level abstractions and lower-level neural network construction is phenomenal.


The videos are long. I watched them at 1.5X speed, but still. 2 hour videos take time. Especially when you’re coding along with the videos. Jeremy also spends time answering questions that I’m not interested in hearing answers to. Otherwise, don’t have much to add on the negative side.


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